Quilt Patchwork
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Quilt Patchwork
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DCP00295.JPG (316687 bytes)This is a Kaleidoscope pattern quilt that mom saw on quilting show on TV and liked it so she made it.  She gave it to her youngest son.
Quilt8.jpg (71219 bytes)All the grandkids fought over this quilt.  They finally drew lots to see who would get it, and the eldest won.
Quilt9.jpg (75550 bytes)This quilt each star has different material for the points.
Quilt7.jpg (84974 bytes)This top mom bought from the Amish and then quilted it.
Quilt12.jpg (76788 bytes)This mom gave to her oldest granddaughter for her wedding shower.
Quilt15.jpg (76451 bytes)This she made to match her youngest son's bedroom.
Quilt31.jpg (74727 bytes)This is a Grandmothers Fan pattern.  She embroidered the bees and butterflies in the blocks so it would take more time.
Quilt32.jpg (75540 bytes) This is a Pin Wheel quilt.
Quilt33.jpg (83541 bytes)This she gave to her middle son.