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Quilt55.jpg (50422 bytes)This is the very first hand quilted quilt my mother made.  Started back in 1965 and finished it in 1969.
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DCP00291.JPG (245898 bytes)
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Quilt1.jpg (64873 bytes)This quilt Mom made for her eldest son and his wife.

Quilt6.jpg (77057 bytes)Mom made this for her Great Granddaughter once she gets older.

Quilt11.jpg (55568 bytes)Mom gave this quilt to her eldest son and wife for their 30th wedding anniversary.
Quilt13.jpg (75910 bytes)
Quilt17.jpg (88272 bytes)
Quilt18.jpg (62652 bytes)My mom gave this to her middle son. 
Quilt19.jpg (70394 bytes) This mom gave to her eldest granddaughter for her wedding.
Quilt20.jpg (63328 bytes)This mom gave to her youngest granddaughter.
Quilt21.jpg (64842 bytes)
Quilt22.jpg (73891 bytes)
Quilt23.jpg (74677 bytes)
Quilt24.jpg (61562 bytes)This mother gave to her older sister.
Quilt25.jpg (74825 bytes)
Quilt26.jpg (68742 bytes)This she gave to one of her younger sisters.