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Quilt5.jpg (73221 bytes)This took my mother as whole winter to complete.  The pedals are hand appliqued on and the stems are satin stitched on.  It is all hand quilted around each flower and stems and in the blank space in between the flowers..  
Quilt16.jpg (65047 bytes)Each square in between the appliqued hearts is a quilted heart design.  
Quilt36.jpg (89054 bytes)No two skirts are the same on this quilt.  Again all the shirts and bonnets are hand appliqued with button hole stitching.
Quilt37.jpg (85609 bytes)Each flower along the butterfly is a different color.  The butterflies are appliqued on.
Country Dahlia quilt: 30 squares of double-faced petals that have been hand appliquéd with embroidery thread using a buttonhole stitch. Fabric around petals is of white brocade. A brown paisley is used to border the quilt. The backing is done in a gold stonewashed fabric.