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DCP_0384.JPG (611121 bytes)Here Mom is laying out for some strips to sew in between the blocks on a quilt.
DCP_0488.JPG (623110 bytes)Here she is cutting out some pieces for a patchwork quilt.
DCP_0386.JPG (662269 bytes)She is sewing together several pieces to form a block in a patchwork quilt.
DCP_0394.JPG (474628 bytes)Now she is embroidering on a block for another quilt
DCP00386.JPG (215251 bytes)Here she is basting the layers of a quilt together.  There is 3 layers to each quilt. The bottom sheet, a layer of batting, and then the finished top.
DCP_0493.JPG (684457 bytes)She is now hand quilting one of her quilts.