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Quilt27.jpg (80310 bytes)This is Mom's favorite quilt right now.
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Quilt44.jpg (61988 bytes)She gave this to her Grandson.
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Quilt50.jpg (69762 bytes)This took mom two summers do embroider the blocks.  There are 160 skeins of thread on this quilt.
DCP00289.JPG (224574 bytes)This is a Tree of Light design quilt.
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Quilt57.jpg (87847 bytes)Her oldest son and wife have this quilt.
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Quilt14.jpg (80490 bytes)This started out as a wall hanging, but mom must want quilts more because it ended up as a quilt for our beds.
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DCP_0240.JPG (847157 bytes) This quilt has all kinds of baskets embroidered on it.
DCP_0264.JPG (816329 bytes) Mom gave this quilt to one of her younger sisters.
DCP_0265.JPG (868866 bytes) She gave this quilt to her middle brother.
DCP_0266.JPG (801765 bytes) This quilt she gave to her youngest son.
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DCP_0473.JPG (665177 bytes) This quilt is is just hand quilting with a cluster of hearts.  Her oldest son has this one.
DCP_1028.jpg (845863 bytes)Mom gave this to her middle son.
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