Quilt Patchwork
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Quilt54.jpg (62914 bytes)This quilt top has 1680 pieces.  She got the pattern from her husband's grandmother.  It is one of the first quilts she made.
Quilt10.jpg (93263 bytes)This quilt is reversible.  She made it many years ago.
Quilt52.jpg (76997 bytes)This is Grandmothers Flower Garden pattern.  The top came from her husband's grandmother, and she quilted it..
Quilt46.jpg (64328 bytes)This is a Stack and Whack pattern quilt.
Quilt47.jpg (70312 bytes)This is a Pinwheel design quilt.
Quilt42.jpg (68824 bytes)This she made out of some old dresses mom had, back in the day when money was scarce.
Quilt45.jpg (85722 bytes)This mom gave to her middle son.
Quilt48.jpg (74998 bytes)This is another one of mom's favorite quilts.
DCP_0379.JPG (676105 bytes) This is a Grandmothers Fan quilt that Mom made for her sister.
DCP_0380.JPG (926641 bytes)
DCP_0241.JPG (864536 bytes) Mom saw this quilt on the TV show "Simply Quilt" and her youngest son drew it up for her.
DCP_0268.JPG (898189 bytes) This is a Dresden quilt.  Mom used up a lot of her scraps to make this quilt.
DCP_0383.JPG (793271 bytes) A stars quilt.  Mom gave this to her youngest grandaughter.
DCP_0474.JPG (702522 bytes) This grandmothers fan quilt her oldest son has.
DCP_0475.JPG (786217 bytes) The is a Dutch Rose quilt.  Her oldest son has this one.
DCP_0476.JPG (998737 bytes) This is a stretch star quilt.
DCP_0477.JPG (798191 bytes) This is a Bowtie quilt. - Sold!
DCP_0490.JPG (805377 bytes)
DCP_0491.JPG (826402 bytes)
DCP_0494.JPG (805191 bytes)
DCP_0556.JPG (864582 bytes)
DCP00396.JPG (265547 bytes)
DCP00517.JPG (294205 bytes)
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